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Good morning.

I was thinking about life and death today.

That although life seems brief to those who are losing it, for all of us, it’s the longest thing we’ll ever do.

There’s been times in my life where I felt like life was a prison sentence, something I had to endure until it was over.

In other moments, I just looked on in awe at the beauty and amazing things I was surrounded by.

Once, as I looked at the stars wheel overhead on a cold Wyoming night, surrounded by nothing but people I loved and miles of trees and rocks, I thought I could see the whole constellation that made up my life, written up there in those distant lights.

I could see one bright moment connected to another, but I noticed that between those "big" defining moments, the burning giants that made up the greater shape and scope of the constellation- there was just blackness and void.

Sometimes I feel that way.

That I’m in the "voidspace" between the stars and there’s nothing I can do but wait.

But then I realize- nothing is really empty, it just deceptively seems to be so.

Every square inch of this reality is filled with potential, decisions, energies, thoughts, ideas, things congealing, disintegrating, coming together again into a million different forms.

Those quiet moments between supernovas are just everything you’ve been putting time into and working on getting ready to explode again in some kind of wonderful, awe-inspiring, massive conflagration.

Prepare yourself for those moments in time- it’s really the space in between that matters the most, and decides how bright the star will burn.

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Plateaus in training are like plateaus in geography:

Relative high grounds that are formed by slow elevation.

They provide us with somewhere to take a breath, evaluate where we’ve come from and where we’re going…

We get a chance to look out on the potential moves from here, plot the best routes to get where we are looking to go, and maybe even set up camp and just look up at the stars for a while as we get our bearings.

Don’t fear the plateau.


There’s a common management phrase,

"If everything is important, then nothing is."

Keep your focus on the real priorities.

Evaluate what those are often.

If you try to make everything as important as everything else, none of it will ever be worth a damn.


A mantra, from my personal notebook.

Use it when you need it:

In my heart is the sound of thunder

In my mind is the speed of lightning

In my limbs is the strength of mountains

In my blood is the voice of god

I am free to do as I will

I am free to be what I am

I will. I am. I will. I am.


Being "lucky" often comes down to a few things:

Relentless Positivity

- Taking initiative, instead of "taking your time"

- Building up your network

- Finding out what you’re good at and focusing on it to the exclusion of many other things

- Figuring out how to use that to help people

- Doing interesting things and sharing them publicly

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Talk to you next week,

Paul Waggener

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Posted by Paul Waggener, Mar 23, 2021