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Good morning.

It’s a sunny day here in central Virginia, and my mind is on freedom.

Not just because warm days make me think of motorcycles and evening campfires and all that good spring and summer stuff…

Rather, I’ve been thinking about the question “what do I really want?” all week, intensely.

What does freedom really look like to me?

I’ve lived with empty pockets in a tiny cabin, hair past my waist and a copperhead snake on the grill, my only means of conveyance a beat up old Kawasaki motorcycle and a mountain bike- that felt pretty free.

I’ve also looked out the window from a first class seat as I flew over Iceland, on my way to mainland Europe for a week of whatever I wanted...that felt pretty free, too.

Thirty days and ten thousand miles into living on the back of a Harley, wandering sunburnt through the Texas desert-

All these experiences have been a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole thing.

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“Man’s proper stature is not one of mediocrity, failure, frustration, or defeat, but one of achievement, strength, and nobility.

In short, man can and ought to be a hero.”

– Mike Mentzer, bodybuilder


“I ask you, “What would Conan do?”

Conan wouldn’t stand by and let others determine his attitude.

He wouldn’t mope around like a sad, pathetic dog when things don’t go his way.

And he sure as hell doesn’t tuck tail when defeated.

Stand up and show the world who you are and what you can do.

Bleed success. Eat. Sleep. Mate. Defend.”

- Jim Wendler, powerlifter and writer


“For God, who is in heaven, is in man.

Where else can heaven be, if not in man?

As we need it, it must be within us.

Therefore it knows our prayer even before we have uttered it, for it is closer to our hearts than to our words.”

- Paracelsus, alchemist


“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

- Leonard Bernstein, composer

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Talk to you next week,

Paul Waggener

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Posted by Paul Waggener, Mar 23, 2021